10 Myth About Covid 19 You Should Stop Believing

10 Myth About Covid 19 You Should Stop Believing We all are living in a society where anyone says the myth about anything people don’t correct them just listen to the myths and they spreading such kind of myth to all. To dispel any confusion in the air, here is a rundown of 10 Myth about … Read more

10 Things Didnt Know Car Insurance

Car insurance is mandatory in India. And that’s why most people don’t pay much attention to the details of their car insurance. They keep themselves away from going through the policy documents and just renew the policy as per the due date. Such inactiveness toward the insurance policy keeps you away from availing the benefits … Read more

Why Should I Buy Term Insurance Plans At An Early Age

When it comes to ensuring financial protection for your family, you must choose to buy Term Insurance. A term insurance plan pays the sum assured amount to the nominee, in the event of your unfortunate demise during the term of the policy. Term insurance provides the life cover for a specific ‘term’ of years. If … Read more

Best Health Insurance Plans

Health Insurance in today’s world has become a necessity. With aggravating medical costs and increasing inflation, getting the treatment done in the private hospital has become extremely non-affordable unless and until you have an emergency fund or a mitigation plan. The treatment for critical illnesses may require lakhs of rupees creating a big hole in … Read more

What Types Of Death Are Covered By Term Insurance Plans

Disaster protection is only a monetary substitute to the acquiring capability of a person. On the off chance that the provider of the family gets destruction, because of any reasons the budgetary strength of the family ought not to upset. It is critical to realize what a wide range of passes is secured by Term … Read more

Comparative Analysis Of Various Health Insurance Plans

Over the last few decades, there have been significant advancements in medical technology that make possible the cure of even incurable illnesses. The cost of medical treatment, however, is extremely high and it’s tough for most middle-class people to afford it. The affordability of medical treatment is a point of major concern. The best health … Read more

Features And Benefits Of Lic Komal Jeevan Life Insurance Policy

LIC Komal Jeevan Life Insurance Policy is a child plan which comes with a guaranteed money back facility. The premium in this policy is returned to the beneficiary when he turns 18 years, on a periodic basis after every two years. In the case of an unfortunate event like the death of the children, the … Read more

Money Lessons To Be Learnt This Holi

Holi is a festival of colors and it is celebrated with great fervor in different parts of the country. This festival signifies the triumph of good over evil. Beyond the festivities, Holi is a festival of colors that teaches several key money lessons that will help us make a way towards achieving robust financial planning. … Read more

Incurred Claims Ratio Icr 2017 18 Best General Insurance Companies India

IRDAI, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India, publishes its annual report, which has the data of IRDA Incurred Claims Ratio, ICR for every financial year for the general insurance companies in India. The insurance companies also publish this data on a quarterly basis under public disclosures on their website. Table Content What is … Read more

Growing Travel Insurance Market India

As individuals are becoming more mobile, travel has become a part of academic, business, and personal life, exposing people to travel-related contingencies. To mitigate the risks associated, it’s always a better option to buy a travel insurance plan. Purchasing a travel insurance policy provides cover against medical and non-medical travel-related contingencies such as emergency medical condition, … Read more